[REVIEW] U-KISS End Their Successful 1st U.S. Tour In Los Angeles!


Tuesday, January 14, marks the first K-POP concert to hit Los Angeles in 2014! 6-Member boy group, U-KISS held their very first U.S tour as they visited New York City, San Francisco and lastly, Los Angeles, California. The concert was held at L.A. Live Club Nokia where fans lined up early Tuesday morning to ensure them the best that U-Kiss has to offer.

U-KISS is known for their popularity around the world including Asia, South America, North America and more. They have released numerous amounts of albums in both South Korea and Japan and now, they visit the United States for their first ever, U.S. tour.

HypnoticAsia was present at the Los Angeles stop and I must say that the group didn’t disappoint.

They boy group started off the night with their song “Stop Girl” which surprised many when they didn’t perform the English version but instead the Korean. U-KISS went on with their charismatic performances as they sang “She’s Mine” and “Bingeul Bingeul (Round & Round).”  The members then stopped to introduce themselves one by one in English to the LA fans.

Soon after introductions, “Doradora”, “Standing Still,” and “Someday” was performed and fan chants were heard. Through these songs, we can clearly see that the group is super talented as their dance choreography was great and their vocals were spot on.

Moving on, the members had some special stages lined up for their special Los Angeles Kiss Me’s. Members AJ, Eli and Kevin who form the sub-unit U-BEAT came out to perform their title track “Should’ve Treated You Better” as they hyped up the already loud crowd. Next, U-Kiss slowed it down with a Hoon and Soohyun’s beautiful collaboration of the ballad song “More Painful Than Pain.” Lastly, Kiseop was joined by AJ as they performed their track “Obsession” gaining more fan chants from the audience present.  U-KISS then asked fans which of the three special stages was their favorite and where I was sitting, Soohyun and Hoon gained the most cheers.  AJ also mentioned that they might have a ballad sub-unit soon.

U-KISS then took questions that fans wrote them. Some were asked to sing, others were asked to dance. The boys fulfilled their wishes perfectly. AJ even sang part of a new song he was working on. With the little session for fans, it made the event seem like a showcase or fan meeting, but of course, there was nothing wrong with that as we learned more about the group.

The concert continued as the group sang their hit Japanese singles “Tick Tack” and “Forbidden Love” showing off their charisma on stage once again. Kevin’s family was in the audience as well, as they cheered for their son and fellow group members on stage.

Soon enough, their super fan stage was presented as Chantel Lysette, the U-KISS Super Mom came on stage as they sang “Mysterious Lady” for their special fan. She awarded the boys with a beautiful trophy and the members were happy to have her as a Kiss Me.

“0330” Was performed as they stood on stage and sang the beautiful song for their fans. Not only that, the fans participated for the special lyrics “Don’t deny our R-Square Pie” as the boys seemed proud to know their fans knew the lyrics to their songs. After that, Kevin announced that was one of his favorite lyrics written by AJ.  U-KISS then held had a special birthday surprise as their LA Kiss Me’s made a beautiful cake out of cupcakes for Kiseop’s birthday which happened to be just three days away. He was surprised and tried to express his happiness in English but instead, settled for Korean as Kevin translated for him.

“Believe” and “Neverland” were performed and fan chants were louder than ever.

Lastly, the members were back on stage within minutes of fans chanting their name and encore as they performed their last two songs “Without You” and “Man Man Ha Ni.”

Even though the event was held on a Tuesday, the group did pretty well as they had a full house and a lively audience. This was a concert to remember!

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